I am a theoretical physicist that loves working with experimentalists, especially biologists!

I am currently a postdoc in Karsten Kruse‘s group at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), where I develop hydrodynamic theories to investigate the feedback of cytoskeletal mechanics onto the Rho GTPase signaling pathway.

I did my PhD with Martin Lenz at LPTMS of CNRS and University of Paris-Sud (France), where I developed equilibrium theories based on elasticity and soft matter to elucidate the effect of DNA physiological curvature on the attractive forces between double helices, as well as to unveil the protein-membrane interaction responsible for the remodeling of membrane vesicles into helical tubes. 

During my undergraduate studies, I had a fruitful experience in experimental optics at the University of Calabria (Italy), where I developed and performed experiments to characterize a novel, optically active, silk-based biomaterial (see publication list).

Experimental collaborators:
Olivier Pertz and Kobus Van Unen (University of Bern)
Damien Brunner (University of Zurich)
Daniel Riveline (CNRS and University of Strasbourg)
Aurélien Roux and Joachim Moser Von Filseck (University of Geneva)
Françoise Livolant and Amélie Leforestier (CNRS and University of Paris-Sud)