PhD student in Physics
Advisor: Martin Lenz
LPTMS of CNRS and Université of Paris-Sud

I use tools from theoretical physics to investigate the microscopic forces governing biological systems, such as biopolymers and fluid membranes. My research is strongly data-driven, therefore I collaborate closely with molecular biologists and biochemists that perform experiments. Thus far, I have worked on DNA packing in bacteriophages and on membrane remodeling during endocytosis. My models are mainly analytical and rely on tools such as nonlinear physics and elasticity.

Current collaborations
DNA packing: Amélie LeforestierFrançoise Livolant
Membrane remodeling: Joachim Moser Von FilseckAurélien Roux
Former collaborations

Silk-based biomaterials: Roberto Caputo & Fiorenzo Omenetto