I am a theoretical physicist that loves working with experimentalists – especially biologists!

Since December 2019, I am a postdoc in Karsten Kruse‘s group at the University of Geneva, where I develop hydrodynamic theories to investigate the interplay between the cytoskeleton dynamics and the Rho GTPase signaling pathway. We work in close collaboration with experimental labs in Switzerland and France, namely: Pertz lab, Brunner lab (Switzerland) and Riveline lab (France).

Before, I did my PhD with Martin Lenz in Orsay (France), where I used mathematical tools from elasticity and nonlinear physics to infer complex inter-molecular forces from experimental data on the geometry of various biological assemblies. Specifically, I have worked on lipid membrane remodeling with Aurélien Roux and Joachim Moser Von Filseck (Switzerland), as well as on DNA condensates with Amélie Leforestier and Françoise Livolant (France).