Curriculum Vitae


2019 – today Postdoc, U. of Geneva, Switzerland (supervisor: Karsten Kruse)

Teaching & Outreach

2021 – today TA of the Thermodynamics course (physics undergrad), U. of Geneva, Switzerland
2020 – today TA of the Intro. to Informatics course (biochemistry undergrad), U. of Geneva, Switzerland
2019 Invited speaker at the Pint of Science Festival, France
2016 – 2019  TA of the Electricity and Optics course (chemistry undergrad), IUT d’Orsay, France


2019  PhD in Physics, U. of Paris-Saclay (advisor: Martin Lenz)
2016  MS in Physics of Complex Systems, Polytechnic U. of Turin and U. of Paris-Saclay (double-degree)
2014  BS in Physics, U. of Calabria, Italy

Awards and Scholarships

2020 Award-winning talk, 106th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society
Award: publication in Il Nuovo Cimento (peer-reviewed societal journal)
2016  U. of Paris-Saclay “Initiative Doctorale Interdisciplinaire 2016”
Full PhD scholarship, France
2015  U. of Paris-Saclay “International Master’s Scholarship”
Covering one year of studies at the University of Paris-Sud, France
2014  Erasmus+ scholarship
Covering one semester of studies at SISSA and ICTP in Trieste, Italy
2014 Merit-based reimbursement of tuition fees
U. of Calabria, Italy

Organization of scientific events

2021 – today Theoretical Biology Network in Western Switzerland (TheBioNet)
Member of the organizing committee, on behalf of the U. of Geneva
2021 Geneva Chemistry & Biochemistry Days 2021
2018 – 2019  Joint LPTMS-LPS Physics-Biology Interface Seminars
Member of the organizing committee
2018  4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems
Member of the organizing committee
2018  Annual meeting of the PhD students at the École Doctorale “Physique en Île-de-France”
Member of the organizing committee
2016 – 2018 Lenz lab weekly meetings
Organizer, together with Samuel