* indicates (one of) the corresponding author(s)



Epithelial cells adapt to curvature induction via transient active osmotic swelling
C. Tomba, V. Luchnikov, L. Barberi, C. Blanch-Mercader, A. Roux
Developmental Cell (2022)

Twist-induced local curvature of filaments in DNA toroids
L. Barberi, M. Lenz
Il Nuovo Cimento (2021) – 🏆 invited contribution

Local structure of DNA toroids reveals curvature-dependent intermolecular forces
L. Barberi, F. Livolant, A. Leforestier, M. Lenz
Nucleic Acids Research (2021)

Anisotropic ESCRT-III architecture governs helical membrane tube formation
J. Moser von Filseck, L. Barberi *, N. Talledge, I. Johnson, A. Frost, M. Lenz, A. Roux
Nature Communications (2020)

Conformal Silk-Azobenzene Composite for Optically Switchable Diffractive Structures
G. Palermo, L. Barberi, G. Perotto, R. Caputo, L. De Sio, C. Umeton and F. Omenetto
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2017)

PhD thesis

Inferring forces from geometry in biology
L. Barberi
U. of Paris-Saclay (2019)