Anisotropic ESCRT-III architecture governs helical membrane tube formation
J Moser von Filseck, L Barberi*, N Talledge, I Johnson, A Frost, M Lenz, A Roux* (* corresponding authors)
to appear in Nature Communications (preprint)

Conformal Silk-Azobenzene Composite for Optically Switchable Diffractive Structures
G Palermo, L Barberi, G Perotto, R Caputo, L De Sio, C Umeton and F Omenetto
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9 (36), 30951–30957 (link)

In preparation

L Barberi, A Leforestier, F Livolant, M Lenz
in preparation (see Curvature reduces local compaction in DNA toroids)
L Barberi, M Lenz
in preparation (see ESCRT-mediated membrane remodeling)