Talks & Posters

Contributed Talks

21-25/09/20 “ESCRT-III helical polymers reshape membrane vesicles into helical tubes”
Italian Soft Days 2020

14-18/09/20 “Local structure of DNA toroids reveals curvature-dependent intermolecular forces”
106th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society

11/10/19  “ESCRT-III helical polymers deform membranes into helical tubes”
Cell Physics 2019, Saarbrücken (Germany) 

04/03/19  “Inferring the helix-helix electrostatic interaction strength from the structure of dense DNA toroids”
APS March Meeting, Boston (MA, United States)

31/01/19 Curvature reduces local compaction in DNA toroids
39th Journées de Physique Statistique, Paris (France)

13/09/18  “Inferring the helix-helix interaction strength from the structure of dense DNA toroids”
Italian Soft Days 2018, Padova (Italy)

Group seminars

08/11/19  “ESCRT-III reshapes vesicles into helical membrane tubes”
visiting Patricia Bassereau group at the Institut Curie, Paris (France)

25/04/19  “DNA toroids and spiraling membrane tubes”
visiting Karsten Kruse group at the University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland)

09/04/19  “DNA toroids and spiraling membrane tubes”
visiting Anđela Šarić group at the University College London, London (United Kingdom)

28/02/19  “Inferring the strength of helix-helix interactions from the geometry of dense DNA toroids”
visiting John Marko Laboratory at Northwestern University, Evanston (IL, United States)

12/10/18  “Ciambelle di DNA: capire l’elettrostatica dalla geometria” (in italian)
visiting the Dept. of Physics of the University of CalabriaRende (Italy)

28/09/18  “DNA doughnuts: inferring electrostatics from geometry”
the Molecular and Statistical Biophysics group at SISSA, Trieste (Italy)


01/19  “Mechanical modeling of polymers: the case of ESCRT-III”
EMBO YIP PhD Course, Heidelberg (Germany)

10/17  “On the growth of helical-pipe protrusions out of lipid bilayers interacting with ESCRT-III subunits”
Cell Physics 2017, Saarbrücken (Germany)

07/17  “The twisted art of twisting donuts”
Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics XIV, Bruneck (Italy)

03/17  “On the inter-filament spacing in dense DNA toroids: a mechanical equilibrium configuration”
Geometry and interactions in self-assembled biological systems, Orsay (France)

09/16  “Geometric frustration in dense DNA”
4th International Soft Matter Conference, Grenoble (France)

06/14  “Photo-induced trans-cis isomerization and temperature stability of Azosilk-4”
Nanoplasm 14 – New Frontiers in Plasmonics and Nano-Optics, Cetraro (Italy)