SemesterCourseStudentsFrontal hoursUniversityCountry
Spring 2021, 2022Introduction to MATLABBS in Biochemistry, 1st yr18 hrs / semesterU. of GenevaSwitzerland
Fall 2021ThermodynamicsBS in Physics, 2nd yr28 hrsU. of GenevaSwitzerland
Spring 2017, 2018 and 2019OpticsBS in Chemistry, 1st yr33 hrs / semesterIUT d’Orsay, U. of Paris-SaclayFrance
Fall 2016, 2017 and 2018ElectricityBS in Chemistry, 1st yr30 hrs / semesterIUT d’Orsay, U. of Paris-SaclayFrance

Students’ feedback

Rather laid back teaching, along with precise explanations. It was refreshing to see genuine care for the quality of the teaching, such as taking care to insure a proper zoom broadcast, and giving practical considerations amidst a lot of theory.

Student of Thermodynamics, U. of Geneva, Fall 2021